You’re an ambitious creative soul, values led entrepreneur or heart centred high achiever (perhaps you’re all three!)

  •  You have a vision, you have goals and you’re completely committed to creating your best life and being a source for good in the world by sharing your gifts.
  • You may be in transition, or at a cross roads wanting to up level in some way and you’ve noticed yourself getting stuck.
  • Perhaps you’re not following through on deadlines, you’re finding yourself procrastinating and putting things off (even though you may have hired a business coach!)
  • Perhaps you’ve found you’ve burned out yet again and you’re lacking the energy to motivate yourself, and your old tools aren’t working so well.
  • You may need to pitch a project, ask for that raise or increase your rates to make your business more sustainable, but you’re lacking the confidence to have that awkward money chat.
  • You may be overwhelmed and stressed out about the next phase. You’re doing battle with the voice in your head that tells you you’re not good enough, and that maybe you should just give up.

These are common issues and can be sorted out! I would love to help you get unstuck and back into your flow. The world needs what you have to offer. I want to teach you how to Thrive doing what you love!

Claire BrookerHello, I’m Claire

 I’m a Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master NLP practitioner and Artist. I’m also completely in love with Yogic Philosophy, Meditation and Energy Psychology. I’m known for my positive energy, sense of humour and down to earth approach! And just like you I have a burning desire to live my best life!

I believe that the only thing between you and a life you love are old outdated ways of being in the world, such as overwhelm, lack of confidence, self doubt and cycles of fear and burnout.

ALL is possible when you connect with the wisdom of your heart, and learn to work with and influence your mind and body in extraordinary ways.

 What does this mean for you?

I understand the strengths and the struggles of the creative, entrepreneurial and ambitious mind, because I’ve had to work through them all myself!

I know how to help you get calm, confident, energised  and focused! I will give you clear direction and support you to THRIVE.

Through my 12 years of experience, I can quickly pin point exactly what’s holding you back and provide you with a very clear and effective strategy to get you unstuck and back on track.

My Journey

As a child my favourite thing to do was write stories for my friends about all the adventures they would experience living their dream lives. These stories were often accompanied by drawings, paintings and poetry! Fast forward 20 years and I’m a Coach and Artist helping people like you around the world to live their best lives and become their best, most authentic selves in the process.

This was not always the case; there have been some significant obstacles to face in my own personal journey to freedom and fulfilment.

The Big Obstacle

In my early 20’s plagued by anxiety and self doubt I lost sight of who I was and mistakenly thought I needed to live the life that others expected of me. I promptly parked my Creative dreams and went to work in a Brokerage in the Financial Sector or the City of London. To ‘make it’ I thought I needed to push through, work harder, ignore my well being and turn a blind eye to my secret wants and needs.  This had dire consequences for my health and life. I became chronically fatigued, stressed and disconnected from my heart and Soul.

The Solution

Thankfully I am 100% recovered now! The longing to be well, happy and successful catapulted me onto a profound journey of healing and self-discovery, where I resolved blocks such as Chronic Fatigue, Anxiety and Depression and learned exactly what I personally need to THRIVE in this Life!

I’ve been lucky enough to meet incredible teachers and learned transformative mind/body solutions, which have shifted me from a destructive spiral of stress and illness to reconnecting with vibrant health, positive energy, and my Creative Flow. I’ve been through such a profound personal transformation that I’ve dedicated the last 12 years to helping others do the same!

Where I am today

Claire Brooker - ArtI now see the Chronic Fatigue, the Anxiety and Depression as a blessing. Working through these issues led me to my dream life!

Sometimes it blows my mind when I look at where I was, to where I am now – all the adventures I’ve had, all the love and abundance in my life, the strong connection to my creative flow and how fulfilling I find my work and my business. Of course like any other human I still have challenges, but I deal with them in a completely different way then before- meaning that any struggle actually turns into positive growth!

I feel very grateful to Life for showing me the way, even though some of the lessons have been difficult to go through.  The good news is that because I have encountered so many of my own blocks and come through the other side of them – it makes me a very sensitive, knowledgeable and effective guide for you as you traverse you own “path less travelled.”

My Mission

I’m completely committed to your success. I fiercely believe that the world needs what you have to offer and that achieving your dreams doesn’t have to be so hard, draining, or so full of sacrifice.  I actually believe that when YOU thrive, your life, your work, your relationships – EVERYTHING – thrives as a consequence! I want to help you to do this!

With my practical guidance, explanation of exactly how your mind and body works, step-by-step action plans, and tools to help you switch into positive states of mind and body, I will help you live your best life! I’m so excited to work with you!

The Values I live and work by:

Gratitude as a path to Joy


Faith in Life, Love and a Higher Creative Truth

Do your best work and live your best Life!

My Journey so far…

  • 2019 Co-founded the Creative Coaching Collective dedicated to empowering Creatives to make money doing what they love.
  • 2018 Performance Coach at Mastered Enterprise, coaching Creatives keen to accelerate their careers in the fashion industry
  • 2017 My first solo art exhibition at the Ply Gallery in Hornsey Town Hall.
  • 2016 Certificate in Inner Child Therapy and Certificate in Post Traumatic Stress and Trauma solutions from Contemporary College of Therapeutic Studies, fell in love with Yogic Philosophy.
  • 2015 Proud Founder and Owner of Nixon Art with my husband Tom Nixon. Invited by KPMG and Tottenham Hotspur Football Club to provide stress management seminars as part of their Leadership programmes.
  • 2014 Married the Love of my life!
  • 2013 Discovered the power of Meditation
  • 2012 Under the Lightning Process banner I created the Solutions to Health and Happiness podcast, along with my colleague Helen Harding. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/solutions-for-health-happiness/id647213675
  • 2009 Mentored by Hilary Thompson Betts, lead psychotherapist at The Priory and learned all about therapeutic solutions for co-dependency, love addiction and trauma.
  • 2008   NLP Masters Certificate in The Practical Application of Hypnosis, Psychotherapy and NLP at The British Hypnosis Research and Training Institute with internationally acclaimed Master Practitioner, Steven Brookes.
  • 2007 Diploma in Emotional Freedom Therapy with Sue Beer and Emma Roberts at the EFT Centre in London
  • 2006 Faculty Tutor at European College of Holistic Medicine (now the Phil Parker Training Institute) training the next generation of Coaches and Therapists, Pioneered “Building your Future” coaching seminars for those in recovery from chronic illness, under the banner of Phil Parker’s Lightning Process Training.
  • 2005 Invited to work alongside Hay House Author Phil Parker as lead Coach in his internationally recognised clinic in London (I loved it so much I worked with Phil and was mentored by him for 10 years!)
  • 2004 Recovered my Health and Life! Undertook a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching and NLP and went on to train as a advanced Lightning Process Practitioner at the European College of Holistic Medicine (now the Phil Parker Training Institute)
  • 2002 Lost my way and became chronically fatigued. This was the start of a profound healing journey to recover my health, energy and Creative spark!
  • 1999 – 2002     2.1 honours degree BA (Hons) English Literature at The University of Reading


Claire has been a wonderful source of support for me. The entire experience was transformative for me as a person and I can’t thank Claire enough for all her help. I was having problems with self compassion and the fear of anything positive coming my way. I found myself falling into a constant cycle of giving up and falling into a negative place quite often, even when things were going very well for me.

Claire helped me source the root of my fears and negative emotions and then went through daily practises that I could make use of which at first seemed odd but then became almost second nature. The best part was realising how easy it became, and seeing that for the longest time I was feeling great, no fears just gratitude. Appreciating the beauty that came by way rather than focusing on fears and worries.

I’d recommend Claire to anyone who feels they could use some help in negative habits and thought behaviour. This has been truly life changing. Thank you Claire.

~ Zahraa, Make Up Artist, Birmingham UK

If you would like to work with me, please get in touch