Claire’s Approach

By working with Claire you’ll achieve more than you thought possible, rapidly and effectively.

Claire BrookerAll of you is welcome here. 

Your thoughts, feelings, dreams, fears, longings, losses, wins, ideas, experiences, your past, present, and your future – all of you!

My approach to health, happiness and ultimate life fulfillment is to work with you on a number of important levels.  These levels consist of the Mind, Body, Heart and Soul. This holistic, person- centered approach gives you profound and transformative results.

When working with the mind we explore your beliefs, thought processes, your ‘inner critic’, neurology and emotions and how these processes contribute to our life and also how they can limit us.

Working with your body we will address your nervous system, how your body responds to stress and threats, the fight/flight response,  how your posture contributes to how you feel, and the wisdom that your body communicates to you through various means including persistent health issues or symptoms.

Your heart is not just for pumping blood around your body. There are  challenges in life that are best solved through different ways of thinking: some with your brain and some with your heart.  Heart-based thinking may be less familiar to us who were grew up in an era where intellect is king, however in a very real sense the heart is perhaps the most sophisticated tool for transformation we’ll ever know! I’ll teach you how to access this life changing power.

Your Soul is the essence of who you really are. My work with you is as much about un-learning as it is about learning. It’s about how you can connect with the truth already inside of you, what you already know, the resources that you already have, and understanding how you can embody more of who you truly are. Sometimes in an effort to fit into the world we’ve learned to forget our truth and what really matters to us. I can help you to reclaim your true Self, the ultimate wisdom within (and surrounding you) – The inner knowing who can guide you expertly on your path.

Once you know how to connect and work with yourself on this profound level, these are the results that are possible for you:

  • You will reconnect with your energy and vitality, and your inner restorative processes
  • You will stop the cycle of tension and stress and experience living life in a more relaxed and ‘in flow’ way
  • You will increase your resilience
  • You will feel more present and be more connected to the world around you
  • You’ll be thinking clearly and calmly and find it much easier to make decisions and choices which are consistent with a life you love- and follow through with action
  • You’ll feel more in control of your life and your health and be able to do the things you love and more
  • There will be a transformative impact on your relationship with your Self, and how you relate to others and to Life in general

These are the results I experienced myself from the powerful tools and techniques I now specialise in. I would love to share them with you! Contact me today to have a chat about how I can help you.


I loved working with Claire! I was generally feeling overloaded, anxious and was lacking in confidence. The conversation flowed so easily from the very beginning and we were able to get to the heart of my challenges quickly. The results were that I instantly felt lighter and brighter. One thing I most liked is how well Claire paints a picture that sticks with you. An example that was really relevant for me is “put your own oxygen mask on before helping others.” Claire offered wonderful advice and practical tools that required effort, but worked really well for me and was tailored to my needs.  I love the meditation that I’m using now! And her positive feedback spurred me on even further! I can’t recommend Claire highly enough to anyone who is in transition, overwhelmed or who needs a new perspective.

Tina, Events Manager, Somerset UK