Success Stories

Claire has helped thousands transform their lives and health.

Here are just a few examples of What Clients Say

~ AliciaSimple tasks such as walking, putting shoes on and showering were almost impossible as the pain was so unbearable. There is no way I could even begin to describe the pain. Since the Lightening Process my life is unrecognisable!”

Alicia has featured on various radio stations bringing awareness to Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. She credits the Lightning Process with helping her to live a great life again.

~ Alicia
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~ LineI’m really feeling well now!

~ Line
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~ HazelOn the final day of the course I went to see my homeopath in the afternoon. I was tested for all my previous symptoms and health issues and everything showed up as normal and healthy…..It’s such a wonderful feeling to say “I’m well!"

~ Hazel
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~ Annie After the first day I went shopping in London, something I hadn’t done for months and months, and after the second day I did yet more shopping! This meant being on my feet all day, and I was absolutely fine.

~ Annie
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~ Anna I had a history of living a life striving for perfection while simultaneously living in fear…now I have the knowledge that I can walk into the life of health, freedom and vitality that I knew was already mine, I just hadn’t known how to get there!

~ Anna
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