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Claire has helped thousands transform their lives and health.

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Katy I came to Claire for one-to-one coaching 8 years ago when I was at a crossroads. I had been holding a lot of stress in my body, which manifested as physical pain and muscular injury. Claire helped me to accept my physical and emotional body, to love and listen to all parts of myself, and to find a new courage and strength within.

I have been in contact with her ever since - she is a very special person and therapist. Since I met her, I have found a job that I love, and discovered wonderful new creative outlets. I was incredibly impressed by her nuanced sensitivity to me as a person I have rarely met someone who has such a rich and sophisticated appreciation of life as Claire. She radiates a beautiful glow that is truly energising.

Teacher, Art Historian, Musician

EisukeClaire helped me to dissolve my blocks to success by shedding light on the suppressed emotions that were hindering the creative flow of my work. Her heart-opening warmth and astute insights will help you develop a strategy that works uniquely for you and your challenges. I enjoy working with Claire, and I'd recommend having a session with her!

Art Director, L.A. USA

SteffClaire helped me by making me feel so comfortable. She really listens to what I need and has taught me how to tackle my anxiety and struggles. I always feel so much better after our calls. Being a creative business owner and having anxiety and panic disorder can be extremely difficult but Claire has encouraged me to try different techniques such as mediation and NLP . The result has meant I am more focussed, healthy and consistent. I have found the experience really enjoyable and life changing. I am so grateful to Claire. She is someone I can trust and have felt comfortable with from our first call. She has a very calming presence.

Fashion Designer, UK

PattyI was going through major changes that inevitably affected my emotional stability and my sense of personal value at work causing me to feel frustrated! Claire was super instrumental at making me understand that I could start feeling differently if I allowed myself the space to hear my own voice and give credit to my feelings. Also, she helped enormously by giving me the emotional tools to face situations in which I had to perform outstandingly like a big job interview. One thing I particularly liked was the little exercises that she offered to overcome whichever situation came up.

The results were fantastic! I feel strong, grounded and safe in my choices and career situation. I particularly loved the clear understanding that I felt she had for where I was and the warm and safe space that she was always able to create for me. She is super intuitive and caring which made me feel always comfortable.

I found the experience liberating in many ways. Her approach is organic, joyful, creative and fun!

Fashion Stylist, Madrid

Karen St PierreMoving from being a salon-based nail artist to working as a session manicurist on live catwalk shows, and fashion shoots was an exciting way to expand on my established skills. However, I was personally daunted by the situation of it. This situation gave rise to a problem I’ve had since childhood, which is shyness. I needed to overcome this problem and fast, as impressions are made easily within the fashion industry, and as such, I could’ve lost out on valuable opportunities if I made the wrong impression.To help me I engaged Claire, given that she is a trusted and recommended therapist, but also as a creative person herself, she can put herself quite quickly into ‘your shoes’. Claire made me feel very relaxed right from the start, in fact I felt like I was talking to an old friend! It was rewarding to finally deal with issues that had always lived inside me!

Karen St Pierre
Nail Artist, UK

NickAs a young creative in a difficult career path, Claire has helped me overcome significant personal blocks. She was helpful in managing my "what ifs" and being comfortable with having doubts. However, she taught me that it's important to confront these doubts, work through them, and see the bigger picture of my accomplishments. Adjusting my mindset and even language to myself to stop comparing my failures and successes to my peers has helped tremendously in my confidence and ability to sell my work. Claire is attentive, encouraging, and genuinely invested in seeing results. I would recommend her to any entrepreneur, artist, or anyone who struggles with self-worth. I've learned to let go and not see failure as a stopping point, but as a place to grow and as a natural step toward success.

Photographer, Dallas USA

HitaWhile struggling with ups and downs of my life, Claire felt like a guide who's not only listened but helped me realize the deep roots of any cause. Even during my difficult times, her positive energy lifted up mine and provided a light to the darkness around. She also gave few sessions of hypnotherapy to help me connect with myself more and find a way through.

MUA, India

AnthonyI was struggling with confidence, becoming overwhelmed and procrastination leading to stress as I missed key deadlines. Claire explained the fundamental reasons for procrastination and provided me with extremely useful tactics to overcome it. She also helped me gain more confidence by helping me develop new beliefs and insight into what’s worked for other great people.

Claire’s ability to really listen and understand the problem and then pick the most relevant solutions to suggest from her experience. No two sessions were the same and each time I felt as though i had received so much value.

Claire’s welcoming approach allowed me to open up and her suggestions allowed me to trust her more and more. The experience for me was life transforming as I was able to really get into issues I had never acknowledged before with clear insights and methods to overcome them.

Menswear Designer, London

JenniAs a freelance artist, I struggle with time management to the point that I would freeze up and get overwhelmed. Claire helped me not only get a handle on organizing my tasks into manageable time frames she also gave me empowering mantras to give myself some TLC rather than beating myself up for not accomplishing everything all the time.

I found the experience …. of working with Claire to be so much more than I expected, it was strategic in regards to focusing myself and setting goals but also deeply moving when we touched upon the personal traits and defeating habits that I have been carrying around with myself since childhood.

I would recommend Claire to people who need help gaining and implementing structure and goal setting in a very insightful, loving and thoughtful approach.

Fashion Stylist, L.A. USA

TabassumClaire helped me by validating my feelings and experience in a genuine way. She sincerely listened to me with compassion and made me feel heard and seen.

The results were immediate! She right away gave me practical strategies to help me work through difficult emotions and situations and to help me bring out the best version of myself. We practised these strategies in our sessions and I continued to do them outside of time together. One thing I most liked about Claire is her genuine warmth and her ability to accurately assess what I needed in each session and giving me healing practices I could add to my toolbox Claire is a true gift! I would recommend Claire to people who need help removing limiting beliefs about themselves, who struggle with self-confidence, who are still dealing with pain from past traumas.

Womenswear Designer, Spain/USA

KatyI approached Claire because I had been ill with ME/CFS for several years, had tried many different treatments without huge success. I knew my stress responses and nervous system were at the heart of my illness and when I read about the theory and science behind Claire's approach it made complete sense to me.
I chose Claire because she had a very similar background to me: she had worked in the city and then become ill and most crucially had then recovered and turned her life around. Claire's own story and the testimonials of other clients were the best advert for her work and why I chose her rather than a different therapist.

The result was I recovered from illness, I saw immediate results and within just a few weeks my illness symptoms subsided. They arise occasionally now, and when they do, I am equipped with the tools to help myself so I never end up back where I was. I got married and moved house without huge detriment to my health thanks to Claire's coaching, helping me to prepare my body in advance for what was to come worked amazingly. I found the experience absolutely life changing. It turned my health around and gave me a strategy to deal with issues that had plagued me my entire life without understanding why.

I would recommend Claire to anyone but especially people who need guidance and tools to cope with stress, of any form, be that illness, life events, work etc. I can not recommend her highly enough.

Nutritionist, UK

TomasClaire has been amazing. Her attention to detail and caring support has been second to none while I was going through my recovery from ME/CFS.

Claire's thoughtful and caring approach was unique and something that struck me from day one. She really wanted to make a difference and help me make a full recovery.

With this approach and her thorough understanding of this condition she has been the key element to my recovery. She has now helped me back to full health and back to living a life I love again. I am back working full time, socialising as much as ever and back playing sport which I loved doing. All of which I was unable to do before working with Claire.
Claire has been there every step of my journey and was only ever a phone call away for support and advice when needed. I couldn't recommend Claire enough. Her knowledge and understanding of this condition is unbelievable. I'm so thankful to her for all the amazing coaching and the support she has given to me in helping me back to full health.

Football Coach, Ireland

~ AliciaSimple tasks such as walking, putting shoes on and showering were almost impossible as the pain was so unbearable. There is no way I could even begin to describe the pain. Since the Lightening Process my life is unrecognisable!”

Alicia has featured on various radio stations bringing awareness to Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. She credits the Lightning Process with helping her to live a great life again.

~ Alicia
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~ LineI’m really feeling well now!

~ Line
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~ HazelOn the final day of the course I went to see my homeopath in the afternoon. I was tested for all my previous symptoms and health issues and everything showed up as normal and healthy…..It’s such a wonderful feeling to say “I’m well!"

~ Hazel
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~ Anna I had a history of living a life striving for perfection while simultaneously living in fear…now I have the knowledge that I can walk into the life of health, freedom and vitality that I knew was already mine, I just hadn’t known how to get there!

~ Anna
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~ Annie After the first day I went shopping in London, something I hadn’t done for months and months, and after the second day I did yet more shopping! This meant being on my feet all day, and I was absolutely fine.

~ Annie
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