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Anna’s Story

Anna full of health and happiness on her wedding day

Anna full of health and happiness on her wedding day

I had CFS for 2 years with ongoing fatigue and health problems for some time prior to that. My symptoms included all the usual suspects which basically resulted in a very limited and frustrating life. I also had a history of living a life of striving and perfectionism (one foot on the accelerator) while simultaneously living in a lot of fear (the other foot on the break) and I had my suspicions that this was a large contributing factor to the state of my health.

I was engaged to a wonderful man and 6 weeks before our wedding while at the nuptials of some friends, I was wondering how on earth I was going to make it through my own. At dinner I found myself sat with a woman who had been in a wheelchair with ME 3 weeks previously and was clearly completely recovered. She told me she’d been on a course called the Lightning Process and encouraged me to do the same. Having talked to her & looked at the website I decided my ‘yeah but’s’ and ‘what if’s’ were probably part of the problem, took a leap of faith and applied for the course.

3 weeks later and 21 days to go before our wedding I was in London learning the Lightning Process. On the afternoon of day 1 my fiancé and I got the tube to St Paul’s Cathedral, walked down to the Tate Modern, around the Tate Modern along to the Hayward Gallery, up to Leicester Square, had a meal, went to a West End show, got the tube back to Crouch End, had a drink, walked back to the B&B and I still had more energy than he did! By day 3 I was completely well.

So when it came to our wedding day I slept really well the night before and I felt fresh and totally relaxed all day. I was able to take in every moment and drink in the joy and atmosphere of the day, to say my vows confidently, to talk to everyone and give a speech, to dance my socks off all night and to still feel fresh and wonderful the next day, travel 12 hours and have a blissful and fabulous honeymoon! Apart from my husband and the marriage itself, the return of my health was the best gift I could have been given that day.

So would I recommend the Lightning Process? Wholeheartedly!! I was worried it would be some alternative, weird thing but I found the contrary to be true. It was down to earth, made total sense and I was entirely comfortable with everything that was taught. I was simply given the practical tools and knowledge to get up and walk into the life of health, freedom and vitality that I knew was already mine, I just hadn’t known how to get there. And apart from anything else it just works!

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