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Hazel’s Story

Hazel on her wedding day in Mauritius

Hazel on her wedding day in Mauritius

Hi Claire,

Hope you’re having a fab bank holiday weekend – this sunshine is gorgeous!

I’ve had no internet access until today due to house move, so here’s a belated update for you…

I just want to say a massive THANK YOU for all your help, support & advice during the 3 day seminar a few weeks ago.
Time has been flying by since day 3 of the course & I can honestly say, I am like a new woman! On the final day of the course I went to see my homeopath Alex in the afternoon. I was tested for all my previous symptoms & health issues and everything showed up as normal & healthy. She gave me a complete clean bill of health & that was my last ever appointment with her. It is such a wonderful feeling to be able to say ‘I am well!’ Hurrah!

Words cannot even begin to describe how happy I am to be feeling so well – I have my life back and it feels wonderful! Each day has been so fulfilling in so many different ways. There have been the occasional ‘pit’ moments, but as soon as I realise I’m doing a symptom or doing stressing/worrying, I use the process & everything changes (& always for the better!). There have been other days where I’ve not consciously even needed to use it. More than anything I know I am making progress on so many different levels, not just with my health but in other areas of my life too.

In the past week or so I have been to see a musical in the West End to celebrate my achievements, called family for long chats on the phone & met up with friends, I’ve also managed to complete the house move with my fiance and I’m currently in the midst of all the final preparations before our wedding in about 10 days time. I’ll write again with another mini update next month post-wedding/honeymoon. Thanks to the lightning process I’m also really enjoying this lovely sense of calm & contentment I now have about myself, my life & everything the future holds. I hope everyone else from the seminar is making wonderful progress too.

Thanks again Claire, you’re a star!

Kindest regards,

Hazel x

Update from Hazel on her return from her Wedding in Mauritius!

The big day itself was amazing, above & beyond everything we could have wished for. We had a truly magical wedding / honeymoon & Mauritius is such a stunning island.

My health continues to go from strength to strength… I was swimming and taking long walks everyday on holiday and would you believe I’ve just joined a gym!! So swimming & Pilates here I come! My other news is that I got asked to 2 job interviews this week. My 1st one was on Tuesday and it went so well that I got offered the job there & then and it felt right so I accepted on the spot! I’m just so happy now I can finally go back to work. I’m taking things a day at a time rather doing ‘crazy’ & cramming a million things in all at once just because I feel well – a sign of finally finding some balance in my life!

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