Easy Morning Ritual for Energy, Health and Wellness
I developed this ritual because like a lot of people I used to wake up in the mornings full of anxiety about the day ahead. I find that this ritual sets me up for a good day. I hope you get the same benefit too!

Morning Pages

  • Once awake, get out of bed and move into the kitchen or another room where you can make yourself your morning ritual drink, mines a coffee!
  • Then start your ‘Morning Pages’. For this you’ll need a notebook/journal (I’d recommend buying a brightly coloured one today so you can differentiate it from the other notebooks you use for your to-do list or shopping list).
  • Once settled with your journal, write what you’re thinking right now. You could be thinking really negative thoughts. That’s fine. Write them down now. Keep going, getting all of that stuff out of your head and onto the page. It’s recommended that you write at least 2 pages each day. I tend to stop when my head is clear and I’ve moved to a more positive train of thought. Sometimes that’s after 1 page, sometimes it takes 4 pages, who cares as long as you’re getting all that negativity or concern out of your head.
  • Now you have you’re thoughts on the page you’ll be feeling clearer and relieved. You may have felt emotional doing this exercise and that’s okay too. You’ll start to become more positive about the day and you’ll notice how most of those worries are unfounded. A lot of the time I find myself starting to solve, perceived problems as I continue writing.
  • Now write your plan for the day ahead, importantly stating how you would like to feel as you go about your day.

Easy Meditation

  • Next Take 5 minutes to do a very easy meditation that makes all the difference. I set a timer so I can stay fully focused on this meditation rather than clock watching!
  • Sitting comfortably in a quiet place, close your eyes and breath in and out.
  • As you breath in, imagine breathing in a golden light, rather like the sunshine that energises you and feels you with a sense of vitality and peace.
  • As you breath out, imagine breathing out any anxiety or negativity.
  • Enjoy the sense of relaxation and vitality you feel as you do this exercise and when you come to the end of it, you will feel more at peace with yourself and the day ahead.

Easy Visualisation

Now you’re feeling more at peace close you’re eyes again and imagine that golden sunshine flooding through your day, get a sense of yourself doing your day in exactly the way you want to. Dealing with potential challenges calmly and confidently, having the energy to do those things you want to do today. Get a sense of yourself at the end of your day feeling pleased and proud of yourself.

This Easy Morning Ritual does the trick for me! Feel free to play around with these ideas. There are no rights or wrongs with this, just what feels most useful for you. You may choose one of these three rituals rather then doing all of three of them and that’s okay too. Have fun with it and be prepared to experience mornings in a way you never have before!