Instant Energy! Refresh your Routine in 4 Easy Ways


You’re daily routine or rituals have the potential to fill you with energy or to drain you. Making simple changes to how you start and finish your day can dramatically change you’re thoughts, feelings and behaviours for the better.

When I was young I took routine for granted. Up at a certain time each day to get to school, scheduled classes, lunch, more classes and then the bell rings for home time (yay!), sweetshop, homework, dinner, free time to do whatever I wanted! At the time I didn’t really notice I was in a routine. It was just life, the way things were done. In fact at times I hated the routine and rebelled against it. It was the same when I went to work in the City. Up at 6am, train for 7am, in the office for 8am, certain jobs to do in the morning, lunch, certain jobs to do in the afternoon. 5.30pm comes around and it’s home time (yay!). Now I’m my own boss my time is my own so it got me thinking about this whole ritual and routine malarkey; why it’s important for us and how to create a routine that boosts our health.

It wasn’t until I was out of a routine that I started to notice what a brilliant thing having a structure, a set way we do things actually is. Routines and Rituals in your life make you feel secure. In fact, Perseverance to stick to a ritual or routine in the face of your wandering mind and undisciplined brain is one of the best antidotes to mental confusion, a problem created by our fast paced, channel hoping culture. Perseverance and sticking to our healthy routine can help us to unearth our best resources and build our self-esteem.

So how do you create a great routine that will also create instant energy? Read below for some ideas:

1. Start introducing rituals in your everyday life. Get up at the same time every day, sit down at the table together for your evening meals, have weekly or monthly get-together’s with friends. 2. Ask your self how do you start your day? Do you wake up worrying about the day ahead, tired and grumpy? How would you prefer to start your day? How about relaxed and energized? How could you change your mood in the mornings so you’re creating more energy and peace for yourself? Start implementing those ideas now. Read here for my Energy boosting Early Morning Ritual.
3. Do something you enjoy every day for a least 5 minutes. Gradually extend it to 10mins, 15mins, 20mins and so on. You would have made time to do what you want to do and you’ll be more relaxed and so much more productive in other areas of your life.
4. How would you like to finish your day? Too many people overload their brain with more fast paced stressors such as facebook, twitter, emails, etc before they go to bed. Change this to a more calming routine. Perhaps a relaxing bath and a book before bed instead? Or try the happiness inducing Gratitude list before you go to bed. This exercise has been proved to enhance you’re overall happiness.

Rituals and Routines have the potential to create a sense of security, peace and well being in our lives. This creates a wonderful sense of energy to live your life in a way that feels just right for you. Enjoy!