Lightning Strikes Twice- Claire’s personal story of Illness to Wellness using the Lightning Process

The Lightning Process literally saved my life, twice. Read about my personal experience here.

It starts…

As Claire  gazed out of her bedroom window and watched the people below her going about their daily business she longed to be any one of them. The people beneath her window had something that she had lost- a life.

Claire from London, was a bright student who had graduated from Reading University in 2001 with a 2:1 in English Literature and had started a career in the financial sector of the City. She had a boyfriend who she loved and even anticipated marrying. However one day this all came crashing down around her.

‘I remember the morning clearly, it was as if one day my body suddenly ground to a halt. When I woke up that morning I knew instinctively that there was something dreadfully wrong. My body felt heavy and my head was throbbing. I crawled out of bed and threw up. I managed to get into work, but I felt terrible and was sent home. I thought it was just a bug I had caught, however as the weeks rolled by with the doctors diagnosing me with Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome I began to get worried. Weeks of illness started to turn into months. There was little improvement. The sickness had gone, but I had terrible pains in muscles and joints, I seemed to becoming intolerant to a new food every week and I felt incredibly week and slept for most of the day and the night. Strangely the sleep was unrefreshing and no matter how much rest I had my deathly white pallor was unshifting.’

Claire’s weight plummeted and she fell from a size 10 to a size 6. Work and social life, and her boyfriend became a thing of the past.


Claire was diagnosed with ME, an illness that currently affects 250,000 people in the UK. Claire says: ‘Some days even getting out of bed and walking around the garden for ten minutes was a struggle. I was put on antidepressants and I remember crying to my mum saying I wanted to die. This was it, I thought as I sat shivering by the radiator staring at the tub of antidepressants; I was officially having a breakdown. I didn’t know how much longer I could last, just when I thought I was getting better I would relapse. Dying at the time seemed better then this life full of pain and isolation.’

Thankfully, Claire heard about a pioneering osteopath from North London – Phil Parker – who was having astonishing results with ME patients via his 3 day training programme, ‘The Lightning Process’ which combines concepts of NLP, hypnotherapy and osteopathy. Claire googled Parker and rang him. She says: ‘The voice on the other side of the phone was calm and reassuring. He made it clear that this was a training program and that he would not get me better, however he could teach me how to get myself better. This is exactly what I wanted to hear!’

Rapid Change…

‘After the first day of the training I was convinced I didn’t have ME anymore. I was able to walk for 45mins, eat apple pie and visit my grandmother for three hours all without that crippling fatigue! I was so happy and my family could not believe the change. ’
Claire made an amazing recovery from ME and partied with her friends and tried to catch up on the life she’d been missing. She says: ‘I was on a complete high. I could enjoy being with my friends again, playing sport and also all of the everyday things like getting up at the same time every morning and having a shower, tasks that had been very challenging before the course. So you could say I was doing well!”

Falling from a great height…

‘The depression crept in, with stealth. I can’t quite remember when it started to ‘happen’. It seemed gradual. I started noticing a general uneasiness about the future and also tremendous guilt about the two years or more that had been wasted due to illness. Instead of confronting these issues head on with the Lightning Process training which had helped me recover from ME, I decided to bury them, to ignore them and hopefully they would disappear.’

In fact the depression grew in its intensity so that it was impossible to hide. Claire says: ‘To my family and friends it was as if I was depressed overnight, so extreme was the result of my pretence. I had constant support from my family, friends and of course, Phil Parker, the creator of the Lightning Process, but no matter how hard they tried to help me, nothing could give me the life-jacket I so desperately needed and I continued to free fall.’

Finding my true self again…

Weeks passed. Claire felt increasingly desperate until her mother said something which Claire believes, saved her life. ‘Gently she said to me; “Claire you are not depression, you are in fact a wonderful, funny, intelligent and beautiful young woman and I won’t let you forget this.” This stirred something within me, suddenly I was reminded of what Phil had told me on my Lightning Process Training course. “We are each the most powerful influences in our lives, our health and our wellbeing.” I realised that I needed to apply the Lightning Process baby step by baby step to recognise my true identity again.’

Claire applied the Lightning Process, ten minutes at a time. ‘I started to feel lighter and part of the world again. I noticed how I was beginning to find silly things funny again and how I wanted to see my friends instead of avoiding phone calls. Within in two weeks of applying the LP consistently I was free of depression and within 6 months I was completely off the medication. I also went back into full time work.’

8 years on, Claire is confident that she will never go back ‘down again’. Now she is an Advanced LP Practitioner with her own business, she is engaged to be married and training the next generation of practitioners. Claire has now taught hundreds of people Lightning Process ®. A Process which she says: ‘ultimately saved my life twice!!