Is This You?

I work with individuals like you who want to overcome blocks and reach the next level.

Claire Brooker

I focus on empowering passionate men and women who want to move forwards in an important area of their life.  My clients are capable, determined and excited about living a life they love.  They want to overcome any blocks getting in the way of their goals. These individuals instinctively feel they need to focus on solutions and are ready to make positive changes that will completely transform their mindset and the way they operate in the world.


I have the privilege of working with people from all over the globe, with varied backgrounds and visions of success, however they can usually identify themselves in one or more of the following descriptions:

  • You are a Creative, Entrepreneur, Therapist, Teacher, Doctor, Nurse, City worker, Athlete, Coach, Business/Community Leader, Business owner, or Sensitive High Achiever who cares and has high expectations of yourself and your life
  • You are passionate, excited and give a lot of yourself to your work and to others
  • You are driven, enthusiastic, highly conscientious and high achieving
  • You sometimes struggle with perfectionism and/or procrastination
  • You have tendency to be quite all or nothing in your approach
  • You are a deep thinker who is prone to over analysis at times
  • You are sensitive, caring and empathetic and want to live your life to the full, contributing meaningfully to the world around you
  • You find yourself in boom and bust patterns of high positive energy and then exhaustion and burnout
  • You battle with self doubt and feelings of either being “not good enough” or being “too much”
  • You want to expand your life, but you’re hesitating in taking the next step
  • You experience periods of overwhelm, anxiety, panic or depression
  • You are trying to find solutions to stress related symptoms or autoimmune disorders
  • You find it difficult to say ‘No’, and to set limits and boundaries
  • You may be suffering from various phobias which are preventing you from moving forwards
  • You want to fulfill your unique potential and become your best self – doing your best work in the process
  • You instinctively know you need a solution which is much more robust and provides you with consistently good results every day
  • You long to create the life you love and take on the world!

If you resonate with any of these statements you’re in the right place.

I empower people who want to make positive changes and who are ready to:

  • Commit to creating a life they love. You’re willing to put in the work to get the brilliant results you want. In fact you can’t wait for opportunity to learn the necessary tools needed so that you can be in charge of your results.
  • Make a change for the better. Einstein said, “we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them,” and you’re ready to do things differently.
  • Invest in Themselves. You realise that investing in your health and your life is the best and most important investment you can make. One that will impact on all areas of your life in a valuable and life changing way.
  • Take Charge of Their Health, Life and Career.  You know that to have the life you love you’re going to need take positive action and be an influential part of your own success. You’re not quite sure how to do that yet, but you instinctively know this will be a key to your success.
  • Have fun and live life to the full. You have a sense of humour, and want a practitioner who not only cares about you and is committed to you getting the results you want, but who “gets you” and who you can have fun with.

If this sounds like you, then find out more about our approach or contact me  for further information.


I approached Claire because I needed help resolving some health and anxiety issues. I’d heard her on a podcast and she sounded positive, friendly and kind!

She helped me view my health and anxiety issues through a totally new and different prism and gave me actual tools that I could use to heal myself on both an emotional and physical level.

As a result I am learning how to soothe fear and anxiety and enter into the dance of life with trust and peace in my heart.  I have regained my health and energy and if I do experience symptoms I have the tools Claire helped me to find to help me back to solid ground. I most like Claire’s empathy and her positive but firm guidance.  Another important aspect of Claire’s work is her emphasis on being kind and loving to oneself.  This is so important for those of us who veer towards perfectionism!
I found the experience to be so incredibly profound, its hard to put into words.  I had tried many therapies and treatments to help me feel better but most of them focused on me being passive and hoping something would cure me.  The work I did with Claire was focused on me learning to help myself.

Jessica, Pilates Instructor, Canada