Jump out of Bed Energised

Jump out of bed energised

How full of energy are you? Energy is our life currency and without energy, it’s very difficult to live a fulfilling and happy life. Instead,  pursuing opportunities and dreams feels draining rather than fun and energising.

Do you frequently feel…

• Tired when you wake up in the mornings?
• Like you can’t be bothered to get up and face the day?
• Like you’re walking through treacle trying to get stuff done?
• The things you used to enjoy feel like a chore?

If you’ve answered yes to the above then you’ve probably already tried…

• Changing your diet
• Taking supplements
• Going to bed earlier
• Pressing snooze (several times!)

And these methods haven’t worked for you.

The results you can expect to see from my program are:

• Waking up each morning feeling refreshed and vital
• Looking forwards to the day ahead
• Boundless energy and positive outlook
• Challenges become manageable and you feel in control

I’ve been there before myself where I felt constantly drained from the demands of life  and have learned the skills, which keep me feeling energized, and positive. I’ve been helping people jump out of bed full of energy for 8 years and I would love teach you too.  I only teach you the tools and techniques that have worked for me so you can be sure this program is tried and tested.

So how does it work?

We will work together for at least 3 sessions either in person/Skype/Phone coaching depending on your preference. Usually these sessions are taken weekly or fortnightly. The tools that I will give you and the work that we will do together will be a combination of Coaching, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Mindfulness Training, Posture work and Emotional Freedom Therapy.

The first Session: Getting to know each other. I will work with you to identify what is exactly stopping you feeling energized daily in the way that you would like. With this information I will explain how we can work together to help you move forwards. We will come up with a coaching ‘prescription’ that’s tailored especially for you. You will then receive a tool to start putting into practice immediately.

The Second Session: Let’s get stuck in! The first main chunk of our therapeutic work will begin. This will involve a combination of Coaching, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Mindfulness Training, Posture work and Emotional Freedom Therapy depending on your individual need.

The Third Session: Consolidating and Continuing Your Positive Changes. By this time you should be seeing positive changes with your energy levels. We will spend the session working therapeutically tying up loose ends and/or discussing our plan of action moving forwards. At this point you may feel the issues with your energy have been resolved or that you have the tools you need to continue moving forwards yourself or you may wish to continue working with me.

Sound good? If so please contact me today. I’m always happy to have a no obligation chat with you and answer any questions/concerns you may have.