Avoiding Exhaustion & Burnout

Avoiding Exhaustion & Burnout

As an excited, passionate and ambitious man or woman, you may find yourself working incredibly hard and then burning out. This is a boom and bust pattern that I see with people (including myself in the past!) who care very much about their lives, vocations and the people around them. I work with Creatives, Entrepreneurs, City Workers, Therapists, Doctors,  Coaches  and business/community leaders who give so much to those around them and then find that they reach a point of exhaustion.  You may have been cycling through this boom/bust pattern for years and now it’s time to address and resolve it so that you can avoid it in the future.

During our sessions you will discover:

  • The hidden message of exhaustion
  • Why you may have ignored the warning signals
  • Why other things became more important than your health and your truth
  • How your thoughts affect your brain and body
  • How your beliefs affect your health
  • How your body affects your mind
  • What has been driving this pattern all along

You will learn transformative skills such as:

  • How to refresh your energy reserves
  • How to conserve your energy so no more crashes!
  • How to resolve persistent physical symptoms
  • How to take charge of your fight and flight response
  • How to release the past and live in the present
  • How to connect deeply to what you really want and need
  • How to think with your Heart and Soul


So you can live a full and meaningful life doing what you love in a sustainable, balanced way.

Sound good? If so please contact me today. I’m always happy to have a no obligation chat with you.