Sugar Addiction

Resolve your sugar addiction and beat your cravings

Are you experiencing one of the most common addictions in our society today? An out of control sugar habit can have serious implications on your physical and emotional health and most noticeably your weight.

Do you frequently feel…

Out of control? You want to stop your cravings and at some level you know you are responsible for your actions, but you feel like you have no control
You need a sugar fix? You feel unable to get through your day without something sweet
• Overweight? You know you are overweight and you desperately want to slim down, but you ‘like food too much’ – especially the foods you crave
• Trapped in a cycle helplessness, hopelessness and guilt? You eat certain foods and then you feel guilty, depressed and full of self-loathing. Perhaps you are eating your chocolate and sweets in secret, hiding your habit from those closest to you?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to one or more of the above then you’ve probably tried:

• Diets, diets and more diets!
• Self development books and courses
• Going cold turkey on sugar and swapping to ‘clean’ eating, but it never lasts
• Berating yourself for giving in to your cravings time and time again

And these methods of breaking your cravings have not worked for you. If this resonates with you then you are not alone

Many people are addicted to sugary foods and unlike addiction to tobacco, drugs or alcohol which is openly frowned upon in our society, your addiction to sugar can go largely unnoticed but still create severe problems for you. Unfortunately sugary foods are freely available to us in any shop or supermarket and they will be placed right by the tills so that you can buy them on impulse tempting you to eat more of them.

We cannot change the world (or take all the chocolate and sweets out of the shops!), but what we can do is change your responses.

The results you can expect from my program are:

• Weight that comes off and stays off! You will learn the root cause of your sugar cravings and weight gain and you will discover the unconscious blocks to weight loss. When you address underlying causes of a condition our bodies and minds often have a remarkable capacity to begin healing
• Feeling in control and empowered to make healthy sustainable choices. Usual information about what to eat and how to exercise (which you kind of already know) are not usually sufficient enough to motivate lasting changes in cravings/sugar addiction and weight loss
• Increased Confidence in yourself and your body. Once we address root causes for your need for sugar it will become easier for you to drop the habit, lose the excess weight and make lasting change which will increase your confidence
• A feeling of being able to really live life to the full and go for it! Sugar and food in general can be a way to help you get through the day. Getting through the day becomes more important then living a healthy life when your are busy with modern day pressures like paying bills, family and work stress. We will deal with your stress so much so that you will that you can really enjoy your life again
• Loving yourself in a way that you have never been able to do before. Nourishing yourself with good food is a way of loving yourself that you may never have experienced before. Being able to care for yourself and love yourself is life changing on every single level and will have a profound positive effect on your relationship with others, finally getting the love you deserve not only from yourself, but from others too

There are numerous other benefits of resolving your need for sugar. These include:

• No longer being at the beck and call of your sugar cravings! You will be empowered and you will feel it. You can have a bad day at work but not have to return to the sugary and guilt laden sweets that you used before. Instead you will have learned how to create your own clarity of mind so you can deal healthily and confidently with whatever life throws at you.
• You will feel energized and vital. Waking up in the morning you will have energy to face the day positively, and when you are fuelling your body with the nutrients it needs and living a life you love, you won’t feel the need to eat chocolate or sweets.
• Your mental and emotional health will completely transform. You won’t have that heavy, almost depressed feeling hanging over you. Instead you’ll be on a natural high has you soak up all the good stuff that life has to offer.
• You will feel healthy! Because you would have completely transformed your relationship with food and lost weight this will have a positive impact on your general health.

So how does it work?

We will work together for at least 3 sessions either in person/Skype/Phone coaching depending on your preference.

In our sessions we will:

  • Discover the root cause of your sugar addiction
  • Resolve any sabotaging behaviours or feelings that lead to cravings
  • Teach you successful strategies to deal with stress and pressure so you will feel calm and in control
  • Transform your relationship with food and with yourself.

Usually these sessions are taken weekly or fortnightly. The tools that I will give you and the work that we will do together will be a combination of Coaching, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Mindfulness Training, Posture work and Emotional Freedom Therapy.

Package Options to suit you

Pay as you go. Are you hesitant about commiting to 3 sessions or more at the moment and want to try a couple of sessions first? I totally understand which is why I have a flexible pay as go option available for you

3/5 Session Bundles. Tailor made packages so that we can find the root cause of your sugar addiction and any unconscious blocks sabotaging you. You will also learn new strategies to help you move forwards in this area of your life and completely break the addiction once and for all. It’s work noting that it’s more cost effective for you to purchase a bundle rather than the pay as you go option.

10 Session Bundles. Tailor made plan to not only help you discover root causes and new strategies, but to support you while you implement these changes in your life. Additional phone and email support is available in this package.

Sound good? If so please contact me today on 0845 625 0317.  I’m always happy to have a no obligation chat with you.