Helping you to Revolutionise your Health and Life

Claire provides health and well-being solutions that focus on the science behind how the brain and body interact, giving you powerful tools to use this brain/body link to influence your health and life.

12 years Coaching ♦ 1,270 clients Coached  ♦ 542 Workshops Delivered

The chief goal of every creative soul is to do your best work and live your best life. You want to create something beautiful and useful that has a positive impact on both your life and the world.

You have ambition. You have talent. You have a vision.

And you also have the tendency to struggle with self-doubt, clarity, procrastination, and anxiety, overwhelm, taking action, or cycles of exhaustion and burnout.  You may find yourself in drama filled relationships that take your focus away from your purpose.

Remember that first comes the dream, and then comes the inner demons to face and work through – this is the hero’s journey!

The good news is that you are not alone, these feelings and inner battles are part of the journey to personal freedom and they can be resolved!.

Claire Brooker

How can I help?

I teach you how to thrive doing what you love! It doesn’t need to be so hard, draining or be such a sacrifice to live a creative and meaningful life that supports and nourishes you.

You don’t need to drive yourself into the ground to reach your goals, or worry yourself sick to achieve your dreams. There is another way.

When YOU thrive your creativity, life, love and business thrives. Your success is propelled forwards by YOUR personal growth.

To grow a tree you must nourish it at root level. To expand your life, career and fulfill your dreams you must do the inner work to nourish and grow yourself.

I would love to be your guide!

Why work with me?

I bring to the table over 12 years worth of Transformative Coaching and Therapy experience working with clients from all over the world through in person and online sessions and workshops.

I combine Coaching, Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, Yogic Philosophy, Meditation and Energy Psychology to give you tailor- made diverse solutions to get you unstuck and back on track. Plus I’m a Creative, Heart Centered, Entrepreneur myself completely committed to the self-actualisation process – I’ve had to work through all these blocks too!

Phil Parker Claire is a brilliant practitioner who worked closely with me for 10 years. She is deeply knowledgeable and her inspiring approach and boundless enthusiasm puts her in the top league of coaches worldwide.

~ Phil Parker, Master Coach, Hay House Author, creator of The Lightning Process Training

Experienced and Accredited

I am a member of the ICF, BIH and ANLP. I spent 10 years learning my craft under the direct guidance of Phil Parker, Internationally acclaimed Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Hay House Author and creator of The Lightning Process. I was Head Coach and Trainer at Phil Parkers world renowned college and I’ve since worked with KPMG, Sony, Totten hotspur Foot ball Club and coached on the Mastered Accelerator Program for Fashion Professionals.

Tailor Made Transformative Coaching and Therapy –

I offer you much more then a plan of action and positive affirmations. I use tools and techniques tailor made for you. There is no one size fits all approach from me.

The tools and techniques I use are based on the science behind the Heart – Mind – Body connection, helping you to collapse old neural pathways and rewire your brain and nervous system, moving you into much more powerful and effective brain and body states, completely transforming how you show up in the world – fully aligned with your Heart and Soul.

On-line and in-Person Options

We all need some guidance and an objective ear from time to time, especially when life hits us with a curve ball, we’re going through change or wanting to up level in some way. I offer in person sessions in London, and On-line sessions via Skype to clients from different areas and around the world. We can work together in person or online. Whichever best suits you.

“Claire is the best coach I’ve worked with. She has given me really effective techniques to help with any anxiety and stress that can come up in work or personal situations. I love that Claire taught me how to switch into a calm mindset whenever I need to. This has made such a big difference in my daily life! “

~ Elvira, Art Director, New York.



“I wanted to give some super positive feedback on the coaching calls I’ve had with Claire. The amazing thing is that through using the meditations that Claire has given me I have gotten to work with and assist one of the most successful photographers here on a cover shoot and to do her BTS. It feels so great to overcome this barrier and to get to do that I really wanted to do for some time but couldn’t manifest on my own. Now it is happening and I want to give Claire and her coaching most of the credit for it. “

~ Toril, Photograher, Norway.

If you’re ready to free yourself and thrive, then please get in touch!